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A 100% larger field of vision

Designed for all types of hands, Smart Led gloves light up efficiently and increase your field of vision by 100%.

Its powerful LED lights can illuminate any object in your hand without dazzling your eyes, where the spectrum of a headlamp has trouble sneaking in.

  • 3 times more convenient than a headlamp - LEDs follow your movements
  • 100% manageable - Soft and light fabric
  • A vision with an optimal precision


A 100% larger field of vision!

The LED gloves are comfortable and allow a smooth and unrestricted movement. Waterproof and resistant to all kinds of residues (grease, dirt, salt water..)

Used by professionals and amateurs alike, these LED gloves accompany the hands in their most precise movements and make you gain in efficiency and productivity.

  • Up to 15,000 hours of use
  • Compatible with all types of activities and tasks: mechanical, electrical, fishing, plumbing, skiing, cycling ...
  • + More than 80,000 customers use it every day
  • Light up your hands for confident gestures. 


On average, Smart Led Gloves save: 20 minutes on 1 hour of work or 2 hours 20 minutes on 7 hours of work or 11 hours on 35 hours of work on tasks that require optimal precision (compared to using a headlamp). Order now and get 50% off today!

(Purchase includes 1 pair of 2 LED gloves left and right)